Ranchi Samaritans Round Table

On Sunday the 17th of November Kishor Nagar was visited by members of the Ranchi Samaritans Round Table. They did not come empty-handed. They knew how much the boys at KN love their sports and therefor they brought some new equipment.

Bats are handed over.

Bats are handed over.

The cricket players got some new bats, balls and wickets and for the footballers there where some new balls.
T-Shirts were also presented to the players with on the front a tribute to a living cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar. The caption ‘Now only mortals will play cricket’ made reference to the fact that this God of Cricket retired this weekend after playing his 200th testmatch for India.
Some members of the Ranchi Samaritans Round Table organisation tested the material and after it was approved they joined the KN senior boys for a game of cricket.  Lot’s of applause followed each good move and fun was had by all. More and more people showed up to see the match. 14 overs were played by each side and the game was a close one. It was decided with the last ball for a score of 90 against 87.
An award was given to the man of the match, Nandu Oraon.
After thanking the organisation for their gifts it was on to the other senior boys to play a game of football with one of the new balls. After lot’s of games of the munna boys in the last month, it was good to see the older boys giving it their best. The game ended in a draw and so penalties had to make the decision with everyone making a big circle around the goal. Prabhat Tirkey got the award for best player of the match.

On Wednesday the 20th there was another visit of the Ranchi Samaritans Round Table. This time they brought some woolen caps, called monkey caps, for the KG boys (KinderGarten) and some blankets for the older boys. As it gets colder this was much appreciated, especially by the little ones.

For a lot more pictures click right here.

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